We recognize that, as the US Department of Labor states, "When safety and health are part of the organization and a way of life, everyone wins." That means not only does NATELCO win but so do the companies for whom we perform work!

NATELCO’S Total Commitment to Safety

  • Create safe work environments – from employing a Vice President of Risk Management to installing GPS systems on our vehicles to ensure that our field personnel are driving at or below the posted speed limit

  • Hours of safety training for NATELCO team members each month

  • Low jobsite accident rating
At Natelco Electrical Safety comes First
The scope of work performed by NATELCO on every job varies, but NATELCO’s high level of commitment to safety remains the same.
There is a cost associated with implementing stringent safety programs and procedures. However, at NATELCO we know the cost (financial and otherwise) of NOT doing so is even greater! That’s why, under the direction of Mike Titsworth, Vice President of Risk Management, we have developed and implemented a highly technical and thorough safety program company wide. The program is designed to prevent accidents and minimize risks on a jobsite. It is constantly monitored and updated as new information becomes available or as standards and procedures change.

MikeTitsworth VP Risk ManagementMIKE TITSWORTH, Vice President of Risk Management
(301) 350-1325 | mtitsworth@natelcoelectric.com
  • Member of the American Society of Safety Engineers
  • Attends safety-related trainings and conferences throughout the year to further his safety expertise
  • Awarded several honors for commitment to safety including the National Contractor Insurance Award of Excellence

NATELCO takes safety very seriously, and the companies with whom we do business can rest assured that NATELCO is committed to operating efficiently, effectively and SAFELY on every project we undertake.

For more information on NATELCO safety, call (301) 350-1325 or email mtitsworth@natelcoelectric.com.